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Reinhardt University Honors Program 


Entering first-year students are invited to participate on the basis of high school grade-point average, GPA, and college entrance test scores. Applicants should have placement into English 101 or exemption by dual enrollment or AP credit, and


Students transferring to Reinhardt University may apply to have up to 10 semester credit hours of honors-designated classes transferred with a letter of application and a copy of the syllabi for the courses. The Honors Program Advisory Committee may ask for further  materials. This committee will render a decision about the Honors Program credit for these courses.

Returning students of Reinhardt University who have earned a 3.0+ GPA may take an honors section of a course. Returning students may apply to join the Honors Program with a faculty recommendation and 3.3+ GPA.  Students who have completed 12 semester hours of Reinhardt University coursework with a 3.5+ GPA may apply to join the Honors Program without a faculty recommendation.