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picture of Stephanie Barton
"My favorite honors class was Honors American History with Dr. Wheeler.  Coming to class, we never knew how the room was going to be arranged.  Were the desks going to be in rows or in a circle?  If they were in a circle, we knew it was discussion day.  Dr. Wheeler told us to discuss some primary documents we had read prior to class.  He gave  us a question, and then let us run with it."
Stephanie Barton '09
currently a Research Assistant
and graduate student in
Biology at Tennessee Technological University <   


Honors Courses

The Honors Program experience begins with honors-designated courses in the core-curriculum. 

Juniors and seniors take an interdisciplinary discussion seminar (HON 301—Honors Reading Room, 1 credit hour). 

Fall 2012

ENG 101 10H (Composition) 
    Dr. Coffey
HIS 111 02H (Western Civ I) 
    Dr. J. Good
HIS 298 01H (Holocaust) 
    Dr. Ast
FYS 101 12H (First Year Seminar) 
    Dr. Johnson
POL 101 01H (American Government) 
    Dr. Gomez
MUS 105 01H (Music Appreciation) 
    Dr. Lucktenberg
HON 301 01H (Empires of Trust) 
    Dr. J. Good

Spring 2013


picture of Emile Ennis

"My favorite honors class was Dr. Moore's Astronomy class. It was exactly opposite of what I thought it was going to be. He made the whole class think out of the box and analyze what makes up our universe." 

Emile Ennis '11
Communication Major
Now working in Los Angeles in the video and television industry