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Reinhardt University Academics

Achievements by Honors Program Students

Congratulations to the 2017 Honors Program Graduates!

Alumni Successes

Candice Alyse Bailey '17, Outreach Coordinator with the Allied Arts in Milledgeville, GA

Madeline Carol Gray '17, starting the Ph.D. program in Biology at Georgia Tech University in fall 2017

Kellie Delana Richardson '14,
graduate, scholarship student in sacred music at Baylor University

Brianna Marie Morgan '13, M.A.'15 in Art Therapy (Georgia College and State University)

Elisabeth Anne Shabi '13, graphic designer at Northside Methodist Church and co-founder and creative director of Karma Cozy

Heidi Joan Switzer '13, teaching 8th grade science and social studies at Woodstock High School

Caleb Bagby '11 is in a doctoral program on Learning and Leadership at the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

Zaine Hedge '11, J.D.'13 (Charleston College of Law)

Caitlan Sumner '11, M.A.'13 (University of Alabama), starting the Ph.D. program in English at the University of Alabama in fall 2017

Elizabeth Gibson '10
 started in June '15 on a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University in an oncology laboratory

Nichole Budd Finley '08, M.A. '13 (Auburn) now the Assistant to the Dean of Fine Arts and Humanities, and Office Manager to Dance, Music, and Theatre at Brenau University