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Reinhardt University Academics
Jacob Davis '06

"The honors classes dug deep into issues within the subject.  We were challenged, and we challenged each other to think more critically about the issues.  The classes were more than just lectures.  We confronted the subjects head-on."

Jacob Davis '06
RU English Major,
Master of Arts '10
Theology and Arts,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.

Reinhardt University Honors Program


Some Honors Program Scholarships, typically $750 a year, are available based on participation and achievement in the program. These scholarships are packaged with other financial aid toward meeting the cost of tuition.

A first year student is expected to enroll in at least three (3) honors-designated core courses during the academic year to be active in the Honors Program.

Scholarships are usually posted in July for the following academic year.


picture of Andrea Cole

 "I enjoyed the opportunity to be challenged as
  well as the informality and closeness obtained
  in honors classes with a small class size."

 Andrea Cole '11
 graduate student in the Georgia State University
School of Public Health