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Kellen Cloud '08

How has the Reinhardt psychology program prepared you for your career or graduate school?

I feel prepared in the graduate school classes I am taking now at The University of West Georgia thanks to my Reinhardt psychology professors. The Research and Statistics class that Dr. DeAngelis taught has really helped me in my Assessment and Effective Use of Data class—considered one of the two hardest graduate classes for school counselors. I feel very prepared and knowledgeable about the subject matter compared to other students who have been in the graduate program for a while. Most students did not have such in depth coverage of information on statistics or writing reports in APA format from their undergraduate classes. 
Dr. Russell's Theories class has helped me to be prepared for the Counseling Theories class I am taking as well in graduate school. I am basically reviewing everything I already knew from taking Dr. Russell's class, so it makes the Theories class at UWG much easier.

How did the psychology faculty engage you and make learning interesting & purposeful?

I found the psychology classes at Reinhardt to be very helpful in preparing me for graduate school. The work load is similar, and I feel like I have a great foundation of information to bring to the classes I am taking in graduate school. The classes and professors have all served their purpose very well to me by preparing me for graduate school and enabling me to do as well as I did in my undergraduate studies. I feel completely and totally prepared on the material, the work load and the expectations of presenting good work.

What would you like to say to your psychology professors at Reinhardt?

I just wanted to say thank you very much to Dr. DeAngelis and Dr. Russell. I couldn't have asked to be more prepared and ready for graduate school. I owe it all to you both. Thank you so much!!!

Kellen Cloud

Kellen's Stats

Graduation: May 2008

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Graduate School: The University of West Georgia