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Melissa Carter '06

Why did you choose to major in sociology?

When I graduated from high school, at 18, I was 100% sure that I wanted to go into International Business and spend the rest of my life traveling, setting up contracts and making deals; however, life’s lessons delayed my entrance into college, and in the interim between high school and that next academic step, I found myself face to face with people and situations that I wanted to better understand and change but with no clue as to how to even articulately identify the need. When I started at Reinhardt and met the sociology faculty, I was hooked. 

What was your most challenging sociology class?

By far the most challenging sociology class I had was Classical Sociological Theory; however, it was also my favorite class. I don’t think I studied so much in my entire life. Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory are both required for sociology majors. The classes give you the foundation for everything else you will learn in sociology. I recommend taking these classes either your sophomore or junior year. It will greatly benefit you in ALL other sociology classes.

What was one project that helped prepare you for graduate school?

I did a Senior Thesis with graduating senior psychology major Noah Rich, under the supervision of Dr. Gregory. We did a study on leadership and gender titled Dissonance and Leadership Theory: Negotiation between Ascribed Gender characteristics of Males and Females Roles and the Gender Characteristics Prescribed to Leadership Roles. The experience I gained from doing the project can not be measured. I developed a better understanding and appreciation for anyone who does research. Furthermore, it prepared me for the similar types of projects that I have to complete in graduate school. I know that I would not be as prepared for the next step of my academic career if I had not done the project.

If a prospective student told you she was considering majoring in sociology, what would you say was the best thing about the program?

The best thing about the sociology program at Reinhardt College is its foundation in theory and the faculty. I might be biased, but I believe that it's one of the best in the state.

Melissa Carter

Melissa's Stats 

Graduation: May 2006

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Graduate School: Kennesaw State University