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Dr. Eddie B. Robertson

Professor of Biology, Biology Program Coordinator

“I have a passion for science, and I reflect that in the classroom and in my life.”

Walking Billboard for Biology Program
Often sporting science related t-shirts around campus (bottom, right), Dr. Eddie Robertson is a walking billboard for students who are considering the biology program at Reinhardt.

“If you are trying to figure out what area of biology you want to get into, let’s talk,” he said. “I provide my students with the knowledge and experiences to be highly-skilled biologists, as well as broad-based scientists.”

Individual Attention and High Standards
Being a biology major at Reinhardt is an increasingly popular choice. For the past eight years, the number of majors has increased by 10 - 15 percent each year. Robertson attributes the growth to the College’s “small class sizes and interested faculty who can meet the needs of the individual student.”

“The biology faculty is about helping students in the time when they are bringing balance to their lives,” explained Robertson. “Our goal is to challenge students and to set high standards in the classroom; we are about educating the whole person.”

Opportunities to Engage and Interact
Robertson gives his students opportunities to engage and interact with science; unique and out-of-the-ordinary projects are a staple in his classes.

“In ecology, we do a complete inventory of all the birds on campus,” he said. “It’s not just about bird-watching, but rather about observing, collecting and analyzing data.”

Integrating Personal Values
Along with his role as a professor at Reinhardt, Robertson is the Beta Beta Beta advisor and biology internship coordinator. He also has served in the oil industry as an oil exploration geologist, an organic petrologist and a stratigraphic palynologist.

“I integrate the values of who I am and what I believe into my professional activities,” Robertson said. “Students know me as a professor, as well as a friend and mentor.”

Contact Information:

Phone: 770-720-5593

Office Location:
Dobbs 203
Office Hours:  Mon., Wed, & Fri. 2pm-3pm or by appointment


B.S., Alma College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Minnesota