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Bachelor of Science in Biology (B.S.)

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental and Pre-Pharmacy (Concentration)

Total Semester Credits Required in Degree - 120-123
General Education Curriculum - 49

General Education Courses Required in the Major

BIO 107 General Biology I
PCS 127 College Physics I
SCI 103 Writing for the Sciences

Major Required Courses - 21

BIO 251 Intro Microbiology
BIO 280 General Zoology
BIO 300 Biology Seminar
BIO 301 Introduction to Plant Biology
BIO 320 Genetics
BIO 360 Principles of Ecology

Major Electives (recommended) - 15-16

BIO 340 Cell Biology and Physiology
BIO 410 Immunobiology
BIO 450 Thesis Project
PCS 128 College Physics II

Associate Fields - 23

CHE 121 General Chemistry I
CHE 122 General Chemistry II
CHE 340 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 341 Organic Chemistry II
MAT 200 Introduction to Statistics
MAT 221 Calculus I
General Electives - 12-14