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Botany Trail Activity Packets & Teacher's Guides

Students studying a trillium plantStudents can get "hands-on" learning from Reinhardt's Botany Trail. Let your students explore and experience all that the trail has to offer. Activity packets and teacher's guides have been created to better facilitate the learning and teaching experience on the Botany Trail.   

Activity Packets

The activity packets are designed to engage your students in fun activities to reinforce what they learned on the Botany Trail. Each is tailored for the grade and season of the year that you visit, and all are based on the Cherokee County School District Student Performance Standards. We encourage all teachers to bring their students to the trail for fall and spring, if possible, to maximize the learning experience on the trail.

Download Activity Packets for:



First Grade     


Second Grade   


Third Grade   


  Spring/Summer    Spring/Summer    Spring/Summer 
Fall/Winter    Fall/Winter    Fall/Winter    Fall/Winter 

Fourth Grade 


Fifth Grade 


Sixth Grade 


Seventh Grade 

Spring/Summer    Spring/Summer   Spring/Summer   Spring/Summer 
Fall/Winter    Fall/Winter    Fall/Winter   Fall/Winter 



*These packets may download slowly because of the graphics included.

Teacher's Guides

Teacher's Guide for Instruction:
This guide is filled with lecture-style information that correlates to the activity packets and Botany Trail stations. It is best if you take the guide along with you on the trail so the information can presented to students on-site.

Teacher's Guide to Activities:
This guide contains the instructions for each activity that is presented in the students' activity packets. The instructions that are presented in the Guide to Activities are more detailed and descriptive than the brief instructions in the activity packets; therefore, it is best to print and take this guide along with you on the trail.

Teacher's Key to Activities:
This guide contains each activity that is listed in all of the activity guides for each grade and season. You can add additional activities that may be more or less challenging to the activity books for each grade.