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Map and Directions

Botany Trail Map with StationsThe Reinhardt Botany Trail is on the main campus of Reinhardt University in Waleska, Ga. The trail runs behind the Samuel C. Dobbs Science Center throughout a wooded area and alongside Lake Mullenix, a man-made lake built in 1980.

Visitors can begin at any of four different entrance/exit points. Stations are positioned along the trail; each is identified by a sign and is plotted on the map (see/click map at right). The large meadow overlooking Lake Mullenix is a perfect area to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Botany Trail map with plotted stations

Directions to Reinhardt University

If you are interested in exploring the Botany Trail, please contact Dr. Eddie Robertson, professor of biology and biology program coordinator, at 770-720-5593 or