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Study Abroad

 Make the world your classroom. Spend a summer semester studying abroad.

Reinhardt offers a study abroad program for students, faculty and staff. You will travel to distant countries to learn about other cultures and immerse yourself in new experiences, all while getting Reinhardt course credit.

From Eastern Europe to Paris
The three-week study abroad adventure this summer took Reinhardt students to Prague in the Czech Republic; Krakow, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; and Paris, France. Students studied mass media, intercultural communication, and the societies of these post-Communist nations.

"The study abroad gave me a larger awareness of the world outside of my own experiences and a new understanding of cultures and social structures of which I was previously totally unaware," said Julie Hannigan (right), from Woodstock, Georgia. "I returned with a new perspective on my surroundings. I view, with new gratitude, these old and familiar things that I had once taken for granted or had never before noticed."

For more information about study abroad, please contact Dr. Donald Gregory, associate professor of sociology and sociology program coordinator, at 770-720-5978 or