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Dr. S. Beth Russell

Associate Professor of Psychology

"A psychology degree can take you where you want it to take you."

"I Empower Students"
Dr. Beth Russell helps her students to follow their own unique paths in the world of psychology.

"Many students tell me that they never knew psychology covered so many areas," she said. "My goal is to empower these students to discover what they want to do and where they want to be. It's not my ticket, not my degree. It's their path."

Every Minute Is Meaningful
She strives to make every minute in her classroom meaningful, pertinent and important; classroom time is "study time."

"Students say I am hard, but fair," Russell explains. "Upperclassmen know that if they have a project to do for my class, they should do it thoroughly and completely. The college classroom is where you start doing above mediocrity."

She's Got Spirit!
Russell goes above and beyond her duties as an associate professor of psychology. She teaches freshman orientation classes each semester, and has taught sessions for Reinhardt's Leadership Academy. Russell also plays a large part in the institution's "Spirit Committee."

Professors as Mentors and Friends
"At Reinhardt, students know their professors also as mentors and friends," she said. "It's exciting for me to work so closely with students, and then to see them graduating and starting successful careers." 

Dr. Beth Russell

Contact Information:

Phone: 770-720-5975

Office Location: Tarpley 204
Office Hours:


B.A., University of Indianapolis; M.Ed., Ph.D., Georgia State University


Vulcan Materials Company Teaching Excellence Award

Elizabeth Moss Bailey Faculty Mentor Award