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Dr. William "Bill" J. DeAngelis

Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences, Professor of Psychology, Psychology Program Coordinator

“Many students are intimidated by psychology, but by the end of the introductory course, they tell me that they never realized the subject encompassed so much.”

Learning Through Research and Practice
Dr. William (Bill) DeAngelis wants his students to understand what psychology is all about; therefore, his classes get hands-on with psychology through research and practice.

“In the experimental psychology class, students study movie ratings—R and PG 13—for behavioral and violence differences,” he said. “Students start from scratch by developing their own behavioral categories for each rating; once they develop that, we watch and rate films and compare ratings with the class.”

Maintaining Ethical Standards
With a background in law and bio-psychology,  DeAngelis expects that his upperclassman students learn and engage with ethics in psychology through the exploration of real-life scenarios.

“Ethical behavior is one of the learning outcomes for students majoring in psychology,” explained DeAngelis. “In the senior seminar course, we go through the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Code of Ethics as they apply to real situations; students even test their own ethical behavior.”

"I Help Students to Be True to Themselves."
DeAngelis believes that because Reinhardt’s classes are small, he is able to mentor his students much more than if he were at a larger institution. He is also able to maintain the integrity of the discipline by not watering down the courses.

“At Reinhardt, I can get to know my students better,” he said. “My goal as a professor is to teach students so that they become educated people, can think clearly, express themselves and maintain ethical standards. Regardless of their major, I help them to be true to themselves.”

Contact Information:

Phone: 770-720-9102

Office Location: Tarpley 203
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B.A., LaSalle College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia; J.D., Emory University