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Sociology Program Concentrations

The sociology program at Reinhardt offers three concentrations for majors to specialize:

Criminology/Criminal Justice

This concentration focuses on the criminal justice system, deviance and the law. This combination allows you gain an understanding of deviance, organizational behavior, administration and grant writing to successfully pursue a career in law enforcement.

Family Studies

The family studies concentration offers you the ability to fine-tune your knowledge—focusing on issues of families such as parenting skills, child development and families’ relation to other institutions. As a sociology major, this allows you a wide range of post-graduate studies and a respected area of study within the business world. This concentration provides you with a solid undergraduate foundation to pursue advanced degrees in social work.

Cultural Diversity Studies

We live in an increasingly diverse world. Employers are demanding that their employees be trained in issues of multiculturalism and diversity. If you choose this concentration, you will have in-depth exposure to the complexity of culture and society. You will acquire a global perspective and the conceptual tools necessary to work in a
variety of professional and academic positions.