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Sociology Degree Requirements

Total Credit Hours Required in Degree - 120 

General Education Curriculum Hours Required - 55

General Education Courses Required in the Major:

  • SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology*
    *Students must make a C or better in SOC 105 in order to take a higher level SOC course.

Major Curriculum Hours Required - 23

Sociology Core Required Courses

Professional Development Courses:

  • SSC 320 Research Design and Analysis I
  • SSC 330 Research Design and Analysis II

Theoretical Foundations:

  • SOC 370 Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOC 371 Contemporary Sociological Theory

Content Courses:

  • SOC 200M Global Social Problems
  • SOC 240 Marriages and Families
  • SOC 310 Social Inequity: Class, Race and Gender

*Select a minimum of one of the following three (3) Concentrations to meet graduation requirements:*

Concentration I: Criminology/Criminal Justice

Concentration I Hours Required - 12

Concentration I Courses:

  • POL 385 Constitutional Law
  • SOC 250 Deviant Behavior and Social Control
  • SOC 360 Intro to Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • SOC 380 Family Violence

Concentration II: Family Studies and Social Services

Concentration II Hours Required - 12

Concentration II Courses:

  • PSY 200 Lifespan Development
  • SOC 330 Gender and Society
  • SOC 345 Parenting Roles: Mothering and Fathering
  •  SOC 380 Family Violence

Concentration III: Cultural Diversity Studies

Concentration III Hours Required - 12

Concentration II Courses:

  • COM 360 Intercultural Communication
  • SOC 320M Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 330 Gender and Society
  • SSC 495M Diverse People

General Elective Hours Required - 33