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Library Reading Guides

Reinhardt University Year of China 2012-2013
Curated by Melissa Doyle, Reference & User Services Librarian

Hill Freeman Library & Spruill Learning Center offers hundreds of excellent books, electronic resources, videos, and more to enhance and supplement the Year of China and curriculum.  The following lists highlight some of the best titles from the collection and will be located on display on the second floor throughout the year.

If you are interested in a specific book which the library does not have, please contact Stephanie Olsen about Interlibrary Loan.

Arts of China to AD 900
China Art Now
N7343 .W38 1995
N 7345.6 .N87 2004
Leaving Mother Lake
Yellow music
ML420.Y38 A3 2002
ML3502.C5 J63 2001
Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress
Golden boy
Good earth
Kitchen god's wife
Marginal sights
Rhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Typical American
War trash
PQ2664.A437 B3513 2001
PR6052.O63 Z464 2005
PS3570.A48K58 1992
PS159.C5M69 1993
PN4096 .L78 2004
PS 3560 .E474 T9 1992
PS3560.I6 W34 2000
PS3560.I6 W37 2006
On their own terms Q127.C5 E48 2005
Modernizing China's military UA835.S465 2002
Lessons in being Chinese LC3737.C6 S687 1999
Political Science  
China's new Confucianism
Governing China's multiethnic frontiers
Individual and the state in China
Power of the Internet in China
JQ1510 .B45 2008
JQ1506.M5 G68 2004
JC599.C6I53 1996
JQ1516 .Y35 2009
U.S. / Chinese Relations  
Chinese human smuggling organizations
Turning bricks into jade
U.S. policy toward China
E184.C5 Z429 2008
E183.8.C5 T856 2000
E183.8.C5A7235 1996
Culture (Anthropology/Folklore)  
Cultural encounters on China's ethnic frontiers
Portraits of "primitives"
South of the clouds
GN635.C5 C85 1995
GN495.6.B57 2001
GR336.Y86 S68 1994
Communicating effectively with the Chinese
Media in China
Politics of Chinese language and culture
P92.C5 K36 1998
P92.C5 M43 2002
P35.5.C6H63 1998
1421 : the year China discovered America
Bad elements
Barbarians and mandarins
Bitter revolution
Bradt travel guide. China, Yunnan Province
Changing face of China
Chan's great continent
China: a new history
China: empire and civilization
China in the National interest
China : its history and culture
China live
China marches west
China's buried kingdoms
China's golden age
China's minorities
China's new nationalism
Chinese Cultural Revolution
Decisive encounters
Deng Xiaoping and the making of modern China
Dislocating China
Dragon in the land of snows
Dragon rising
Ethnic identity in China
Eurasian crossroads
Familiar strangers
Good man of Nanking
Great Wall of China
History as Propaganda
Lonely Planet: China
Long march : an account of modern China
Mao : the unknown story
Mao's China and the cold war
Mongols at china's edge
New Cambridge handbook of contemporary China
Oasis identities
Other Chinas
Quelling the people
Rape of Nanking
Return to the middle kingdom
River town
Search for modern China
Snow lion and the dragon
Society without fathers or husbands
Streetlife China
Understanding contemporary China
Wild swans
G322.M46 2003
DS 779.26 .B864 2001
DS707.C36 1989
DS774 .M55 2004
DS793.Y8 M36 2001
DS777.55 .G533 2005
DS706.S62 1998
DS735.F27 1992
DS706 .C4945 2005
DS779.26 .C473517 2003
DS735 .M64 2004
DS779.26.C47647 1999
DS754 .P47 2005
DS715.C453 1993
DS749.35 .B46 2004
DS730.M336 1994
DS779.215 .G75 2004
DS778.7 .C53 2008
DS777.54.W463 2003
DS778.T39E95 1995
DS731.M87 G527 2004
DS786.S49 1999
DS706 .B3935 2006
DS731.M87G528 1998
DS793.S62 M537 2007
DS731.M87 L56 1997
DS796.N2 R3313 2000
DS793.G67 C453 2007
DS786 .P68 2004
DS712 .C44 2002
DS711.B413 2001
DS778.M3 C38 2005
DS777.8.C4314 2001
DS793.M7B95 2002
DS706.M24 2001
DS731.U4 R84 1997
DS731.Y3 L57 2000
DS779.32 .B76 1992
TMMC DS796.N2 C44
TMMC DS774 .C3815 2008
DS796.F855 H47 2001
DS754.S65 1990
DS786 .G636 1997
DS731 .N39 H8313 2001
DS779.23 .S75 1998
DS706.U53 1999
DS774 .C3718 1991
DS793.S62 X5632 2004 
All the tea in China
Becoming China's bitch
Business management the Chinese way
China made
China management handbook
China : the consumer revolution
China's economic reform
China's far West
Consumer revolution in urban China
Developing China's west
Doing business in China
Doing business with China
Privatizing China
Reluctant pioneers
HF3128 .H34 2007
HC106.84 .K56 2012 
HD70 .C5 B8 2011
HC430.C6 G47 2003
HD70.C5 B66 2003
HC430.C6 L48 1998
HC427.92 .C446 2003
HC428.N6 B37 1993
HC430.C6C66 2000
HC428.N6 D48 2004
HD2910 .P53 2007
HF3834.D655 1998
HD4318 .P755 2008
HD5856.C5 R43 2005
Buddhism in contemporary Tibet
China's Catholics
China's millions
Chinese Religion
Christianity and Chinese culture
Christianity in China
Civilizing missions
Confucianism: a short introduction
Fuzhou Protestants and the making of a modern China
Jiangyin Mission Station
Making religion, making the state
Opening China
Protestantism in contemporary China
Reconstructing Christianity in China
Religions of Tibet in practice
Robert Morrison and the birth of Chinese Protestantism
Terror in Minnie Vautrin's Nanjing                                               
BQ7590 .B84 1998
BX1665 .M29 1998
BV3415.2 .A97 2007
BL1802.C5477 1995
BR1285 .C57313 2003
BR1287 .C47 1996
BV3415.2 .H57 2008
BL1852.B47 2000
BR1287 .D86 2001
BV3425.C48 K47 1996
BL65.S8 M35 2009
BV3427.G8 L88 2008
BR1288 .H86 1993
BR1288 .W527 2007
BQ7620 .R45 1997
BV3427.M6 H36 2008
BV3427.V38 A3 2008
Boundaries and categories
China beyond the headlines
China in the post-Utopian age
China : opposing viewpoints
China urban
China's new cultural scene
China's peasants
Chinese society
Drowning girls in China
Gender in motion
In one's own shadow
Rural women in urban China
Service encounters
Temple of memories
HN740.Z9 S64655 2008
HN733.5.C4285 2000
HN733.5.S598 2000
HN733.5.C433 2001
HT147.C48 C3998 2001
HM101 .H86 2000
HN733.5 .P68 1990
HN733.5 .C444 2003
HV6541.C45 M86 2008
HQ1075.5.C6 G46 2005
HN740.S54 L58 2000
HQ1767 .R327 2006
HN740.Z9 S6154 2008
HN740.K365 J56 1996
Bamboo cross
In search of Kundun with Martin Scorsese
BR1288 .B36 2008
BQ7935.B777 K862 2008
Chairman Mao
Declassified: Chairman Mao                                         
Mao Tse Tung
DS778.M3 C45 2005
DS 778 .M3 L45 2005
DS778.M3 M36 2005
DS786 .T53 2004
 Leveraging China and India for global advantage  HF5415.12.C5 G87 2009
 Chinese-American Culture  
 Becoming American: the Chinese experience  E184 .C5 B43 2003
 Motion Pictures  
Country teachers
Not one less
Red river valley
The road home
Satan never sleeps
Warriors of heaven and earth
PN 1995.9 .F67 F45 2003
PN 1995.9 .C47 N683
PN 1995.9 .C47 H56 2003
PN 1995.9 .F67 R63 2001
PN1997.S28 S28 2005
PN 1995.9 .C45 H4 2003
TMMC PN1995.9.F67 W368 2004
 Children’s Books  
Chinese Cinderella
Dalai Lama
Empty pot
Through time : Beijing
JUV 398.2 DEM
JUV 398.2 CAS


Chinese dragons
Revolution is not a dinner party

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