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Associated Fields: Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology & Physics

Do you want to understand the way the planet works—below, on and far above the surface? The Associated Fields give you the opportunity to learn about astronomy, chemistry, geology and physics.

The Associated Fields, although not degree programs, provide courses that supplement your selected major.

For more information about Astronomy and Physics, contact Dr. G. David Moore, assistant professor of physics, at 770-720-5595 or;

Student Spotlight

Nicki Varsel

Nicki Varsel '10
On a class trip this summer to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, W.Va., Nicki Varsel learned more about the stars than she could have ever expected.
"We worked with telescopes measuring radio wave frequencies and learning about the Milky Way galaxy," she explained. "I actually know the placement of some of the stars now, and it has made me appreciate astronomy so much more."


Dr. G. David Moore