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Auditions for the Reinhardt University School of Performing Arts


Audition Dates for 2018-19 Entrance: 
November 18, 2017
January 20, 2018
February 24, 2018
March 17, 2018
April 21, 2018

Some of these dates coincide with Reinhardt University Admissions dates.
As such, please let Mrs. Boyle know if you will be attending one of those events so that your audition can be scheduled accordingly. 


For more audition details, please contact Allison Boyle ( or 770-720-9172) with your name, intended major, and instrument. Thank you.

All incoming music or theatre students are asked to audition for the School of Performing Arts and for consideration for a performing arts scholarship. If you wish to be a part of one or more of Reinhardt's ensembles as a non-major participant, an audition may be required.

Although the incoming audition for music majors varies per major instrument, all auditioning students are expected to perform at least two solo selections, sight reading. The student will also participate in a personal interview. All instrumentalists are expected to play two-octave major scales and arpeggios unless indicated otherwise below. An accompanist will be available for solo instrumental selections, upon request.

The following guidelines are offered for each performance area:

Instrumental: Brass or Woodwind Audition Requirements

Two selections of medium difficulty. Choose from:

Instrumental: Percussion Audition Requirements

One movement from "Sonata for Timpani" by John Beck. OR One etude from "Fundamental Method for Timpani" by Mitchell Peters.
Tuning fourths and fifths.

One etude from "Portraits in Rhythm" by Anthony Cirone OR One etude from "Intermediate Snare Drum Studies" by Mitchell Peters.

MARIMBA/XYLOPHONE: Choose 1 or 2 of these pieces:

Any xylophone rag by George Hamilton Greene (2 mallets)
"Sonata for Xylophone" by Thomas Pitfield (2 mallets)
"Yellow After the Rain" by Mitchell Peters, or "Rain Dance" by Alice Gomez (4 mallets)

Instrumental: String Audition Requirements

Violinists, violists, and cellists are asked to play 2 three-octave scales/arpeggios of the student's choice.
Bassists are asked to play 3 two-octave scales/arpeggios of the student's choice.
All students should play two works in contrasting styles.

Organ Audition Requirements

Two compositions (one by memory) from standard repertoire which represent contrasting styles and periods. Note: A student who has no previous organ study may substitute a piano audition. Organists should choose from the following:

Piano Audition Requirements

Two compositions (one by memory) from standard repertoire which represent contrasting styles and periods. Choose from:

Voice Audition Requirements

Please note: A pianist will be provided for auditions. CD accompaniments are not permitted. Please provide sheet music.

Two contrasting selections (memorized), one selection preferably in a foreign language.

Choose from:

Music Theatre Audition Requirements

Theatre Audition Requirements

Admission to the School of Performing Arts requires applications to both Reinhardt University and the School of Performing Arts. You can apply and schedule an audition for the School of Performing Arts by completing the Application for Performing Arts Study PDF | Online Application.

Adobe Reader is required for viewing and printing PDF's. Download a free copy today!