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The Falany Performing Arts Center

The School of Music at Reinhardt University is housed in the Falany Performing Arts Center. You will enjoy attending classes, practicing, performing, and socializing in the "FPAC," a state-of-the-art facility which opened in 2002.

This facility also serves the University and the community as a center for artistic expression through the varied concerts, performances, and events it hosts each year. The FPAC is a premiere cultural center in North Georgia. Audience members and artists are impressed by the building's architectural beauty and the concert hall's acoustical brilliance. The lovely Ken White Atrium is floored with local marble and houses two historic pianos from the region and an exhibit of paintings by area artists.

  • Pianos - In 2007, the School of Performing Arts became a Kawai EPIC school with 34 state-of-the art pianos placed in studios, classrooms, practice rooms, and on the stage of the concert hall.
  • Concert Hall - The exquisite 360-seat auditorium features a "tunable" stage. Its acoustics can be modified by moving the wooden stage towers, the ceiling panels, and the curtains to complement the soloist, small ensemble, or orchestra. Because of its fine sound quality, the concert hall is an exciting place to perform.
  • You can get experience with sound, recording, and lighting by working in the FPAC control room.
  • Instrumental Rehearsal Hall
  • Choral Rehearsal Room
  • The Kawai music technology lab has stations for 12 students plus an instructor.
  • Practice room and lockers
  • The music library is a growing collection of musical scores, recordings, and other materials related to music study.
  • Reinhardt University and the School of Performing Arts subscribe to two websites that stream listening, three websites that allow printing of scores, and multiple on-line journals.