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 Year of China: Dragon Rising

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Each academic year since 2003, Reinhardt has designated a region of the world for students to learn more about through in-depth study and hands-on interaction. This focus is intended to promote understanding of varied cultures, businesses, histories, geographies and faiths and to help internationalize the Reinhardt experience.

The 2012-13 year is the Year of China: Dragon Rising. Students will delve into the rich history of China and how it impacts our business, literature, culture, art, music, and heritage.  Events will be scheduled throughout the academic year and include lectures, music, a film-and-discussion series, a travel tour, and many others.


Events you don't want to miss.....

YOC Talk and Tea

March 14 - Talk & Tea with Dennis McIntire

Year of China Festival

 April 5 - China Conference - Register Now!

Conference Speakers, Schedule and Details >

Festival Highlights

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and culture of China. The Year of China festival was a great introduction to Chinese culture with workshops by the Atlanta Chinese Dance Company and the Shaolin Center demonstrating their skill and artistry through dance, Tai Chi and Kung Fu. The Confucius Institute was also at Reinhardt hosting workshops on Chinese Tea and sessions on calligraphy using rice paper, brushes and ink.

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 Festival Highlights  Atlanta Chinese Dance Company Workshop Highlights  Atlanta Chinese Dance Company Workshop
Complete Festival Highlights Atlanta Chinese Dance Company Workshop Highlights Atlanta Chinese Dance Company Complete Workshop
Festival Highlights    
Chinese Tea Culture Workshop    

Events you may have missed, but can still enjoy......

YOC Talk and Tea


February 7 - Talk & Tea with Ann Smith

YOC Talk and Tea

January 8 - Talk & Tea with Ken Wheeler and Pam Wilson

YOC Talk and Tea

November 6 - Talk & Tea with Michelle Harlow

Photography Exhibition

October 18 - Year of China Photography Exhibition Opening

YOC Presidents

September 28 - U.S. Presidents and relations with China and Asia

Year of China Festival

September 20 - Year of China Festival. 10am to 4pm

Dragon Boat Festival

September 8 - The 17th Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Lake Lanier

YOC Talk and Tea

 September 6 - Talk & Tea with Zach Felix and Curt Lindquist

The Double Seventh Day

August 23 - The Double-Seventh Day (Chinese Valentine's Day) Qi Xi [Chee Shou]

Links and Resources

Consider these resources to deepen your understanding of the culture and current events of China

Chinese New Year


Web page of interest

National Library of China


Library Resources

Year of China Co-Sponsors

Confucius Institute Atlanta
The Confucius Institute in Atlanta was the first in the State of Georgia, and Emory University was the first private university and the first among top Research I universities in the United States to enter into an agreement to establish a Confucius Institute on its campus in 2008.
XinTuo Ecotourism

Experience real Eco-tourism in north-west Yunnan!

Do you want to discover Yunnan’s minorities? Would you like to learn more about the natural environment in North West Yunnan? Does bird watching is one of your activities? Are you interested by local culture? Would you like to meet local people in order to have a better understanding about Chinese people or Chinese history?

Previous global emphasis areas have included:

2011-12 Year of Ireland and Irish Heritage
2010-11 Year of Oceania
2009-10 Year of North American Indigenous Peoples
2008-09 Year of the Mediterranean
2007-08 Year of Eastern Europe and Russia
2006-07 Year of Middle East 
2005-06 Year of Africa
2004-05 Year of Asia
2003-04 Year of The Americas (inaugural year)

For more information about the Year of China: Dragon Rising, please contact:

Dr. Donald Gregory

Reinhardt University's selection of specific countries within the Year of Country Study Program does not in anyway connote an endorsement of the laws and policies of the country under study.

News & Events

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Ethan Strickland celebrates jazz band honor watching legends

#AfterReinhardt: Dr. Janice Fuller ‘69 continues 50 years of campus involvement

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