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ADay for Reinhardt, Cherokee County

Rick Rowland


“Being involved in ADay for Reinhardt is an investment in our community. The scholarship program provides funding for Cherokee County students attending Reinhardt, and we see many of those students bring their talents to the workforce in Cherokee County and contribute to our economy.”

ADay for Reinhardt is an annual community initiative that generates grants for Cherokee County students attending Reinhardt University.  A DAY underwrites the University's Cherokee County Grant program, which provides eligible students with as much as $8,000 during their four years at the University. Since 1988 ADay for Reinhardt has raised more than $4.8 million in financial assistance for local students.

Three Levels of Cherokee County Grants

  • $2,000 per year for students who are full-time residents of Cherokee County, enrolled as full-time
    degree-seeking students, have at least a 3.0 grade-point average, and live on campus
  • $1,000 per year for students who meet the above criteria but do not live on campus
  • $500 per year for students who are full-time residents of Cherokee County and are enrolled as full-time degree-seeking students

For more information on the Cherokee County grant, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (770) 720-5667 or by way of this link: Reinhardt Financial Aid -- Cherokee County Grant.

How to Support A Day for Reinhardt Cherokee

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For additional information or to volunteer, please contact...
Dale Morrissey, Director of Development & External Relations
(770) 720-5506

A History of ADay for Reinhardt Cherokee

The A Day for Reinhardt fund raising campaign was created in 1988 to increase the awareness of Reinhardt in the local community and to provide additional financial assistance to Cherokee County students attending then Reinhardt College.  Since its inception, local business leaders, donors and volunteers have enthusiastically supported the idea.  Since the first A Day, local enrollment has grown from "a handful of students;" to almost one-third of the student body, or approximately 350 students.