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Reinhardt Family Campaign

Faculty & Staff Making a Difference

Each year, the faculty and staff contribute to the mission of Reinhardt University through their respective positions. Whether a faculty student with booksmember who directly teaches students or a member of the grounds staff who ensures the campus grounds are safe, as well as beautiful, they all touch the lives of each student who pursues an education at Reinhardt University.

Reinhardt’s outstanding faculty and staff also go beyond the requirements of their jobs and contribute more than their time; they also contribute their money to support the ongoing needs of the University. During the 2013-2014 Campaign, Reinhardt's faculty and staff contributed more than $17,000, resulting in ten one-time scholarships!

Beginning in 2008-2009, faculty and staff had a new and exciting way to watch their contributions make a difference on a daily basis through the Reinhardt Family Annual Scholarship

caitlan_sumnerWith the addition of the Reinhardt Family Annual Scholarship, employees are able to contribute directly to a scholarship fund designed to promote the community and family environment at Reinhardt University.  

If you are a member of the Reinhardt Family and would like to know more about the campaign or how you can help students like Caitlan through the Reinhardt Family Annual Scholarship, please contact Kelley Johnson, Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Grants, at 770-720-5513. 

green bullet How you can make your gift?

orange arrow Payroll Deduction: Quick and easy, payments are deducted from your paycheck in two ways:  Choose to contribute from October 15 through May 15 (academic year) or year-round. 

orange arrow Donate Online:  Make a gift today by credit card on our secure website.

orange arrow Write a Check: Write a check payable to “Reinhardt University” and return it with this payment form.

orange arrow Charge It!: Call the Office of Annual Giving at 770-720-5507 to pay by credit card over the phone.

Your gift, no matter its size, makes a difference.

For more information
  •  Katie Reed, Office of Annual Giving
        (770) 720-5507  -  fax (770) 720-9100
  • Reinhardt University is committed to protecting your privacy therefore we will never engage in the selling of your personal information. Please refer to the Donor Bill of Rights for further details.