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alumni award winners
Betty Ann Callahan '49 is the 2012 recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.
10 Under 10
The 10 Under 10 recipient's pictures and biographies are displayed for a year in the Hasty Student Life Center.

Alumni Awards

Each year, Reinhardt University is pleased to recognize outstanding and distinguished alumni who personify the mission of our institution.  We are honored to have a long list of successful men and women who have served our University well, far beyond their years as a student.

Awards and Criteria

Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award

The honoree is selected on the basis of personal and/or professional achievement. 


  • Community Service
  • Exemplary Faithfulness to Reinhardt University
  • Demonstration and propagation of the Spirit of Reinhardt University
  • Demonstration of faith and moral character

Former Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Recipients

 Alumni Loyalty Award

The honoree is selected based on his/her support of the college, both personally and financially.

 10 Under 10

Reinhardt University wishes to recognize a group of 10 alumni from the last 10 years (2002 - 2012) successful in business, the military, nonprofits, government, and/or the arts.  These alumni will be recognized at the annual Talon Awards Gala in March.  A picture identifying each will hang in the Student Center as a reminder of what Reinhardt alumni have accomplished.  Each year a new group of 10 under 10 will be selected.

2012 Recipients:

Dr. Telisha Dionne Bailey '03

Carlos Cadena Gaitan '05

Whitney Carter Herndon '03

Nelson Karpeh '05

The Rev. Thomas Alonzo Lacy '02

Charity Neese '12

Jillian Nichols '04

Randell Trammell '03 '09

Daniel Trotter '07

Captain Sean Woods '10

Honorary Alumnus Award

The honoree is recognized for his or her service to the University and the support of the Alumni Association and its programs.

2012 Recipients:

Mr. James C. Williams

The Rev. Leigh Sparks Martin 

President's Special Award

The honoree is selected and presented by the President of Reinhardt University to recognize special achievement.

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