Rest and Renewal Retreats

Our Rest and Renewal Retreats provide an opportunity to take a break and discover the recharging of our souls and hearts as we purposefully encounter God. Strategically located at low-energy points in the semester, these retreats last less than 24 hours and are affordable for students, typically around $30 per person.  Scholarships are available. To learn more, stay turned to our website and fliers around campus!

Fall Break and Spring Break Trips

Often during major academic breaks, we take trips to regional locations to offer service through ministry organizations. These trips are a great way to offer ourselves in service as well as bond with other Reinhardt students.  While on such trips, we also worship and cook together, furthering these bonds and ensuring that our service remains grounded in God.

Last year students were able to travel to Nashville, TN and work with different non-profit organizations there.  Students visited Thistle Farms, a rescue center for women escaping sex trafficking, Monroe Harding, an orphanage for boys, and Worker’s Dignity, an organization fighter for worker’s rights, and they were able to take a Civil Right Tour with Freedom Riders.  Throughout this trip, students were able to learn about ways to make a difference within our communities!

So far we have been to a number of different locations, including Camp Glisson; Tuscaloosa, AL; Chaves, KY; Brunswick, GA; and many other places!  We have also worked with various organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Appalachian Service Project, Monroe Harding, Christmas in the City, and others!

A full list of previous spring break trips is listed below!

Past Spring Break Service Opportunities