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Dressing to Create a Positive First Impression

When dressing for a Career Fair or job interview, think conservatism and conformity. Although many companies have adopted a “business casual” dress code, job candidates are still expected to dress in traditional office attire. This means a conventional suit for both women and men.

General Guidelines

  • Make sure you hair is neatly trimmed and styled.
  • Have your clothes dry-cleaned and/or pressed 3 days in advance.
  • Polish your shoes and check the heels.
  • Check your hosiery or socks for runs or holes.
  • Don't lug in your book bag; keep it simple and professional with a classic portfolio containing your resume.
  • Make a last minute check in the restroom before you go into a career fair or interview.


  • A two-piece suit is preferable, but a coat and tie with dress pants (not khakis) will suffice for a career fair.
  • When choosing a suit, choose solid colors and conservative patterns that will stand the test of time. They are safer then bold prints and patterns.
  • Wear a long-sleeved (yes, even if it’s hot) button down shirt in a solid color (preferably white) or conservative pattern.
  • Don't wear a loud, silly, or ugly tie. Ties allow you to show some individuality, but don’t go overboard. Leave your Donald Duck or Bulldog tie at home.
  • Wear polished shoes with socks high enough so no skin is visible when you sit down and cross your legs.


  • A suit with a knee-length skirt and tailored blouse or shell is most appropriate.
  • Accessories should be kept simple: shoes, jewelry, and makeup should present a professional image. Think low-heeled leather pumps; small gold, silver or pearl earrings, no more than one ring per hand. There is a seven accessories maximum, including eye glasses.
  • Hosiery is a must, regardless of the temperature outside. Stick with sheer hose without a pattern or design. Carry an extra pair for emergencies.

Career FairFor more information

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