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Reinhardt Career and Professional Development Services

Reinhardt offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting through the McCamish School of Business. The program will permit students to work in business, government and nonprofit organizations.


Are You Ready To...

• Spend up to five years in school if you want to become a CPA
• Use accounting information systems
• Learn to prepare tax filings
• Study tax law
• Evaluate a company’s efficiency and profitability
• Create and analyze balance sheets
• Learn to use GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles)


It Helps To Be...

• A good oral and written communicator
• A critical thinker with logical analysis and problem solving skills
• Able to work alone and as part of a team
• Attentive to detail
• Proficient with technology
They should enjoy:
• Having clear rules and organized methods to guide their activities
• Developing innovative solutions to problems
• Directing the activities of others


Work Environment

Most accountants work full time in an office setting. In 2010, one in five worked more than 40 hours per week. Longer hours are typical at certain times of the year, such as at the end of the budget year or during tax season.


Knowledge Base

• Economics & Accounting
• Mathematics
• English Language
• Clerical
• Computers & Electronics
• Administration & Mgmt
• Customer & Personal Service
• Law & Government


Employment Websites

Financial Job Bank

Jobs in the Money

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

American Society of Women Accountants

Institute of Internal Auditors

National Associations of Black Accountants

What Can I Do with A Degree in Accounting?

If you're a big baseball fan, you know that keeping track of how well your favorite team plays and predicting how it will do in the future is part of the fun. In businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits, accountants often engage in very similar activity. Not simply bean counters, accountants analyze financial information and consult with upper management about important business decisions. Of course, some accountants also keep the books, recording every financial transaction. Accounting majors learn how to gather, record, analyze, interpret, and communicate information about an individual's or organization's financial performance and risks.

Related Careers

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Loan Officer

Bond Broker

Budget Analyst


Chief Financial




Cost Accountant

Credit Analyst

Data Processing Auditor



Financial Analyst

Financial Examiner

Info Systems

Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Agent

Internal Auditor

Internal Revenue Agent

Internal Trade

Inventory Control Specialist

Investment Banker

Loan Officer

Management Accountant


Materials Manager

Operations Manager

Payroll Manager

Pension Fund

Plant Accountant


Purchasing Agent

Research Analyst

Risk Manager

Stock Broker

Tax Preparer


Treasury Mgmt. Specialist


Venture Capitalist

Potential Employers

Click the links below for further information


Credit Unions


Brokerage Houses

Engineering Firms

Pharmaceutical Companies


Finance Companies

Private Accounting Firms


Food Manufacturers

Public Accounting Firms

Construction Firms

High Technology

Transportation Companies

Consulting Firms


Wholesale/Retail Operations

Army Finance and Accounting Center

Export-Import Bank of the U.S.

Int'l. Trade Admin.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Federal Deposit Insurance

National Credit Union Admin.

Bureau of the Public Debt

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

Office of the Comptroller of the

Commodity Futures Trading

Federal Trade

Dept of Banking & Insurance

Financial Management Service

Dept. of Labor and Workforce

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

General Accounting Office

Office of the State Auditor

Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Health Care Financing Administration

Securities and Exchange

Dept. of the

Internal Revenue Service

Small Business Administration


• Visit the Career & Professional Development Services department in the Hasty Student Life Building and explore your career and intern potentials through CCN, FOCUS and CANDID Careers/Perfect Interview programs
• Earn good grades. Grades are an indicator of technical competence in accounting and of a person’s work ethic
• Develop strong communication, time management and interpersonal skills
• Join student organizations or participate in volunteer opportunities to enhance leadership skills
• Public accounting firms hire candidates who meet the educational requirements for sitting for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam: 150 hours of education including 24 hours of accounting, i.e. the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in accounting
• Certifications available through the Institute of Internal Auditors or the Institute of Management Accountants may increase job marketability in some areas of accounting

Campus Contacts

Dr. Donald Wilson
Interim Dean of the McCamish School of Business
Office: 770-720-5953

Career FairFor more information

Peggy Collins Feehery
Director of Career and Professional Development Services
Hasty Student Life Center, Room 301
Office: (770) 720-5548
Fax: (770) 720-9105

Career Services Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.