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Reinhardt Career and Professional Development Services

Reinhardt offers a Bachelor of
Arts in History through the School of Arts and Humanities. Students may choose to follow a general history major, or a focused major in European, American, or World history.


Are You Ready To...

• Participate in class discussions
• Read!
• Use your reading to form your
own ideas
• Express your ideas in essays
• Do research
• Become an expert at distinguishing patterns in information
• Study change: why change
occurs at particular times in
particular places, why other
things stay the same, and how
individuals and groups deal with


It Helps To Be...

Curious, organized, and a good
reader and writer. You'll do well
as a history major if you're able
to take details and use them to
draw a "big picture" of the past.


Work Environment

Most historians work in government positions, but they can also work in various other places such as museums and nonprofit organizations, and some are also independent consultants. Most work full-time and often work outside in a field to observe artifacts or visit specific areas or conduct interviews.


Knowledge Base

In the Reinhardt History program
you'll learn why the world is the
way it is now. Our professors
teach courses that deal with a
wide variety of times and places
in the past, an essential component in understanding the present. But while studying the Civil War, medieval Europe, or colonial Latin America, you will learn valuable research and
communication skills transferable
to graduate study and a wide
range of jobs.


Employment Websites

American Historical Association

Org. of American Historians

Society of American Archivists

Am. Assoc. State & Local History

Atlanta History Center


Smithsonian Institute Career

Resources for History Graduates

What Can I Do with A Degree in History?

No matter how intriguing your high school history classes
have been, we can guarantee that history courses in college will
be a lot more thrilling. History is simply interesting. We're not
saying other majors are boring, but history deals with actual
people and factual events. Everything has a history - nations,
wars, ethnic groups, sexuality, jazz, gambling, postage stamps,
you name it. On a broader scale, knowledge of history is important. As the philosopher George Santayana observed, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. If anything holds the key to understanding warfare, famine, and social crises, it's the analysis and understanding of history. It's not a recitation of facts. It's the sum total of the human experience - a dramatic, never-ending, entirely uncensored adventure."

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Potential Employers

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Arts & Humanities


Corporate Legal Dept

Historic Sites

Historical Homes

Historical Societies

Foreign Services

Law Firms



Municipal Archives

National Archives & Records

News Dept. of Radio/TV Stations


Political Campaigns

Public Interest Advocacy Groups

Radio Networks

Research Institutions


Smithsonian Institution

State Archives &

State Museums,
Parks & Historic

Syndicated Radio

Think Tanks

Universities &



• Join the History Honors Society, Phi Alpha Theta
• Join the History Club, a student-run organization that engages
in historically themed activities
• Attend showings of historical films and documentaries
• Learn to work well within in a team
• Participate in cultural and educational trips to foreign countries
• Visit historical museums, archives, war memorials, including
the Funk Heritage Center on campus
• Get experience in Student Government and campus politics
• Develop foreign language ability
• Volunteer to work with public interest group, political campaign, political association or community service project
• Work on campus newspaper, TV, or radio
• Develop excellent presentation skills

Campus Contacts

Dr. Anne Good
History Program Coordinator
Office: 770-720-5570


Career FairFor more information

Peggy Collins Feehery
Director of Career and Professional Development Services
Hasty Student Life Center, Room 301
Office: (770) 720-5548
Fax: (770) 720-9105

Career Services Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Office of Career Services recognizes the need for confidentiality so an individual feels free to explore concerns, formulate plans, make decisions and initiate appropriate actions. All concerns expressed to the Career Consultant shall remain confidential.