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Current Students

2015-2016 Housing Sign-up Checklist

New Students (sign-up begins in early spring)

  1. After being accepted, make your $150 tuition deposit to the Admissions Office.

  2. Receive your housing information.

  3. Complete your housing application/contract and send it back to the Residence Life Office.

  4. Return your health forms.

  5. Click here to download information about your $200 refundable housing deposit. Assignments will not be made until your deposit is paid.

  6. Housing Sign-Up

    Receive your housing assignment.

  7. Move-in at your designated time.

Current Students

How do I sign-up for housing for 2015-2016?
Housing sign-up is based on your classification (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) at the completion of this current semester. Based on your credit hours you will have an assigned day to give your housing application/contract to Residence Life and they will assign you based on your preferences. You will drop off your application and Residence Life will handle all assignments.  Sign-up days are:

March 26 – Squatters Rights (Retain your current room only)
March 27 – Squatters Rights (Retain your current room only)
March 30 – Seniors (90+ credit hours)
March 31 – Juniors (60-89 credit hours)
April 1 – Sophomore (30-59 credit hours)
April 2 – Freshmen (29 or less credit hours)

How do I know what my credit hours are?
Your hours are based on the total amount of credit hours earned at the completion the spring 2015 semester. So if you had earned a total of 15 credit hours at the end of fall 2014 and you are currently taking 18 credit hours then you would have a total of 33 credit hours and your assigned day would be April 1st. Summer does not count towards your total hours.

What if I want to keep my current room (maintain Squatters Rights)?
As long as your current room is not designated as freshmen housing, ADA, or an RA room you can have first priority on keeping it (regardless of classification) as long as you sign-up on our Squatters Right’s Days (March 26th and 27th). After those days pass your room will be considered open and available to be reassigned.

What if I want to live with someone who is a different classification or different hours than I am?
If you want to live with someone who is a different classification you must make sure it is a mutual request. Based on availability on their assigned day we will assign you with that person as long as the space is not taken by someone with a higher classification.

What if I cannot make my scheduled day?
You can either have someone drop off your application/contract on your assigned day or come by the Residence Life Office the day following your assigned day and we will assign you at the beginning of that group.

What is the cost for room and board for 2015-2016?
Costs for room and board can be found at the following link:   

What if I currently have a single room, can I keep it?
Unfortunately until we know how many students we will have on campus this fall all rooms (excluding East/West) will be assigned as a double. If we have the ability to offer rooms as a single, it will be based on classification.

Does my potential/future roommate need to come with me when I drop off my application?
No, but you need to make sure that all requests are mutual and they drop off their application on their assigned day.

Will my housing be dropped if I am not registered for Fall 2015 by the end of semester?
Yes, your housing will be dropped if you are not registered by the last day of finals and there is no guarantee that you will be able to be reassigned to the same spot once you get registered.

Can I also sign-up for summer housing in this process?
Summer housing is a different process, but we can provide you an application for summer by request.

What if am not returning to Reinhardt due to graduation, transferring, or I am planning to move off-campus?
If you are graduating or transferring you do not need to go through any process with our office.  If you are planning to move off-campus, you may need to complete an off-campus verification form depending on your financial aid situation and classification.