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Introducing EagleWeb and LMS

EagleWeb is our new web portal in to our administrative system, Jenzabar, and it replaces CampusWeb.

Eagleweb provides anytime, anywhere online access to a number of administrative, community and academic services. 

EagleWeb is a more customizable version of CampusWeb, the web portal that was previously used. 

EagleWeb integrates with the Jenzabar administrative system and provides a framework to provide information to faculty, staff and students.

When you login to EagleWeb, your role (faculty, staff or student) will determine which portlets will be available to you.  What prospective students see is different than what current students, faculty, advisors, guests or system administrators see.

EagleWeb will also replace our Intranet, and will house such items as forms for HR and the Business office and other information currently found on

LMS Replaces Blackboard

The new Learning Management Software (LMS) integrates with Eagleweb and will replace Blackboard as our online classroom system.

The LMS and EagleWeb share the same Jenzabar information, so there is no need to manually add classes or students into the system like with Blackboard.  As soon as students enroll in a class they will be able to access it in the LMS.

LMS will show all the current courses that you are enrolled in or teaching at Reinhardt. Each course has its syllabus, calendar, assignments, collaboration, grade books, etc. and can be accessed from the My Course folder located at the left side of the portal home page.

Blackboard will no longer be available to faculty or students after August 1, 2009.    Your course content may still be accessed via archive files, but you will not be able to get back into Blackboard after this date. 

You need to manually copy course content from Blackboard to the LMS, so please attend the training sessions going on now!! Contact your Dean for more information.

 See Eagleweb at