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Financial Aid Policies at Reinhardt University

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) protects the privacy of student records.  Under the Act, students may inspect and review their educational records, may seek to amend those records, and may limit disclosure of information from those records.  In regards to anyone besides the student, access to student's records is strictly limited.  However, students may complete a Student Waiver Form of FERPA Rights for Financial Aid Only form to allow the Student Financial Aid Office to release financial information to those named.  Students may obtain the FERPA Waiver online.  

Repeated Coursework

New federal regulations may prohibit a students financial aid eligibility when completing repeated coursework.  Students repeating coursework are strongly encouraged to check with their Financial Aid Counselor for financial aid eligibility.  Repeated coursework that is considered to be passing may not be financial aid eligible. 

Communication/Email policy

Enrollment Status

Financial Aid eligibility is partly determined off a student's enrollment status.  During advisement & registration, it is important to review your class schedule to ensure that registration requirements have been met for financial aid.  Students must be enrolled over the entire 16-week semester.  This can be achieved by taking full session courses or a combination of courses offered in session 1 and session 2 as a full time or part time student. Therefore, registration in only session 1 or only session 2 does not meet financial aid registration requirements.

Satisfactory Academic Progress, SAP

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires colleges and universities to define and enforce standards of satisfactory academic progress for all students receiving federal assistance.  The financial aid definition of satisfactory academic progress differs somewhat from standards for academics as stated in the catalog. All full- and part-time students receiving federal financial aid must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress.  These standards, defined below, must also be met for students to receive state aid.  Satisfactory academic progress will be evaluated at the end of each semester by the Registrar and Director of Student Financial Aid.  At the end of each semester, students will be evaluated and notified if they are not meeting SAP requirements.  The first semester a students does not meet SAP requirements they are placed on Financial Aid Warning.  At the end of the following semester if a student is still not meeting SAP requirements they are then placed on Financial Aid Suspension.Students on Financial Aid Suspension are not eligible for any financial aid until they are meeting SAP requirements or an appeal is approved.  SAP appeals are submitted and reviewed by the Appeals Committee.  Students whose appeal is approved will then be placed on Financial Aid Probation.To be eligible to continue to receive federal and state aid, a student must maintain these grade-point averages (GPA):

hours attempted  minimum GPA
0-15   1.5
16-30   1.6
31-45  1.7
46+   2.0

The maximum time for completion of degree requirements for students receiving aid is one and one-half times the length of the degree program.  Baccalaureate programs must be completed by 12 semesters.  Associate degree programs must be completed by six semesters.  A student who does not meet these criteria will not be allowed to receive further federal or state aid until the student's cumulative performance at Reinhardt meets or exceeds these standards when reviewed at the end of the following semester checkpoint.Students who receive a semester with all grades of F may be automatically placed on Financial Aid Suspension after reviewing with the Registrar.

50% Institutional Aid Rule

Reinhardt University requires all first-year students to live on campus. Students receiving 50% or more of their tuition expenses from Reinhardt Institutional Aid are required to reside on campus. To be exempt from living on campus, students must meet one of the following criteria: