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Student Success Grant

Reinhardt University is committed to helping students complete their education. We all know that a quality education is costly, and while Reinhardt is a value compared to most other quality private schools, paying tuition is still a financial challenge for many.

To help, the University has established the Reinhardt Student Success Grant. As long as an undergraduate student meets the following criteria, he or she will automatically receive a grant totaling one-half of any tuition increase award after earning 60 consecutive credit hours at Reinhardt, for any additional year(s) he or she remains enrolled at Reinhardt.

Criteria for the Reinhardt Student Success Grant

To receive the Reinhardt Student Success Grant, a Main Campus undergraduate student must:

*Hope or Zell Miller Scholarship, Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant, and scholarships/grants a student receives from non-Reinhardt sources are not Reinhardt institutional aid and are not counted toward the $10,000 cap.