The Funk Heritage Center on the campus of Reinhardt University showcases the local history of Native Americans (Creek and Cherokee) and of early settlers.

Trail of Tears SignWelcome to the Funk Heritage Center

The Funk Heritage Center is a certified a National Park Service Trail of Tears interpretive center. Click here to visit the Hall of the Ancients to read more about our Trail of Tears exhibit.

A free program, Gardening in Georgia, will be held on Tuesday, April 7 at 10:30 a.m. until noon. Greg Clark, Master of Soil Science, and Engineer Chan Ly, both from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, will present short programs. Learn about cultivating your garden soil and how to access internet information about the health of the soil. Also, learn about micro irrigation and recommended techniques. Reservations are not required.  

We are located at the Reinhardt University campus in Waleska, Georgia.

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