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  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center

History Alive - Living History Program

historic log cabin

This tour is an add-on option with school field trips; it is not a stand alone tour – an additional 1 hour

A visit to the Appalachian Settlement, weather permitting, may be added to School Field Trip Tour 1 or 2. Students will learn how the Appalachian settlers lived in the 1840's and how pioneer families coped with daily difficulties. They will visit a historic log cabin, the blacksmith shop and a sorghum syrup mill. Some craftsmen such as a woodworker, a weaver, and quilters may be on hand. Living history volunteers dressed in period clothing may be a part of this program when available. Otherwise, docents will explain how frontier families lived. This program is not offered in during winter months.

Admission Fee for History Alive

$2 per student; $2 per adult

*The outdoor option is not offered in after November 15 or before March 15. It is available for groups of 20 or more students and advance reservations are required.

pioneer lady pioneer people Pioneer
spinning wheel           pioneer lady by the fire

This Funk Heritage Center event addresses the Georgia Performance Standards as follows:

  • 4th Grade – SS4H2, SS4H3b
  • 8th Grade – SS8H1