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  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center
  • The Funk Heritage Center

Bennett History Museum Store

store Barbara

Meet Barbara Starr, Museum Store Manager & Administrative Assistant 

All proceeds from Museum Store sales benefit the Funk Heritage Center. Visitors will find everything from inexpensive souvenirs to high-quality gifts, a nice selection of books and art. Children will find items for 15 cents and up. MasterCard and VISA are accepted.

Items are available in all price ranges including: 

  • Native American art and jewelry
  • old-fashioned general store merchandise including candy,
  • crafts
  • pottery produced by local and regional artisans
  • Native American music CDs
  • T-shirts
  • rocks and minerals
  • nature-related gifts and toys    

The store stocks many books for adults and children, as well as DVDs about Native Americans and the award-winning film The Southeastern Indians shown in the Estelle Bennett Theater.       

Books in the Museum Store include:                        

  • The Ball Game for Georgia
  • James Edward Oglethorpe
  • Georgia Cookbook
  • Country Roads Cookbook
  • Old Country Store Recipes
  • Native American Recipes
  • Robert Conley Novels
  • Birds of GA Field Guide
  • City Birds, Country Birds
  • Native American Ghost Stories
  • Ghost Stories of the Old South
  • Ghost Stories of the Civil War
  • Georgia Trivia
  • Ghost Stories of the Appalachians
  • A Treasury of Georgia Folklore
  • 50 Georgia Stories
  • Chief William McIntosh
  • The Atlanta Campaign
  • Tomochichi
  • Backyard Medicine
  • Crafts & Skills of Native Americans
  • Georgia - An Explorer's Guide
  • North American Bows, Arrows and Quivers
  • Primitive Skills and Crafts
  • 50 Hikes in the North Georgia Mountains