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Meet Your 2014-15 Reinhardt University Captains!

Captain Group


Reinhardt University Captains are ambassadors for prospective students and their families who visit the campus. The responsibilities that captains have include giving on campus tours and assisting with Junior and Senior Preview Days throughout the year.


Ansley Avera

Class Year: Freshman 

Major: Math & Math Education

Hometown: Pembroke, GA

Advice to new students: "Get involved! College can be scary, but once you have met some people, it’s so much fun! Go to the different events and try out clubs. Getting involved will help you meet people and allow you to do something you love."


Chayla Bodenmuller

Class Year: Freshman 

Major: Biology

Hometown: Lithia Springs, GA

For me, Reinhardt University helps Shape Lives and Build Futures by: "Offering a great environment for learning at the university level. The staff and faculty are always willing to encourage and motivate you to succeed."



Brittany Bryan

Class Year: Freshman 

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Jasper, GA

I knew Reinhardt was the right choice for me when: "I first toured campus. I got to see how beautiful the campus actually is and the community that fills the campus makes RU feel like home."




Aleah Cooper

Class Year: Sophomore 

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Cedartown, GA

Advice to new students: "Enjoy every minute of it. College is going to go by quickly, so it is important not to stress too much and to have fun!"


Brittany Gaddy

Class Year: Sophomore 

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Fayetteville, GA

I knew Reinhardt was the right choice for me when: "I attended Experience Reinhardt. There was something about the campus; the students and faculty made me feel like I belonged here."



Dallas Hollis

Class Year: Junior

Major: Math Education

Hometown: Fairmount, GA

My favorite place on campus: "The Bannister Glasshouse.  While it is the most utilized room on campus for events, it is often a quiet, relaxed place to pass the time and catch up with friends."


Melissa Martinez

Class Year: Junior

Major: Digital Art & Graphic Design

Hometown: Miami, FL

For me, Reinhardt University helps Shape Lives and Build Futures by: "Helping students succeed in the classroom and encouraging us to experience new things. Professors also encourage students to think creatively and soar for new heights."



Courtney Mixon

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Canton, GA

My advice to new students: "Don't be timid about starting college, especially not at Reinhardt.  At a school like this, it is easy to jump right in and get involved."



Zach Newbold

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology (Pre-Med)

Hometown: Douglasville, GA

I knew RU was right for me when: "I went to my first football game. The energy among the students was absolutely mind-blowing, and the sense of family that I felt was amazing."


Hunter Oswald

Class Year: Junior

Major: Sport Studies

Hometown: Florala, AL

My favorite place on campus: "The Varsity because it is a great place to be social while getting to chow down on some good food." 



Katie Purcell

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Cumming, GA

My advice to new students is: "Use your time wisely and get involved!"



Jeff Reed

Class Year: Junior

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Hometown: Lilburn, GA

I knew Reinhardt was the right choice for me when: "I visited for the first time. I saw how the students and professors interacted and loved the small town feel." 


Elisha Roland 

Class Year: Sophomore 

Major: Business

Hometown: Talking Rock, GA

My favorite place on campus: "The top floor of the library. It is quiet and you can get all of your homework and projects completed there." 



Ashley See

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications

Hometown: Waleska, GA

My advice to new students is: "This is a new start for you. Don’t let anything hold you back as you begin your journey here at Reinhardt. Begin to free yourself in this new environment. Become the person you’ve always wanted to be."


Megan See

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Religion

Hometown: Waleska, GA

My favorite place on campus: Anywhere with flowers. The campus is full of flowers, especially in the spring. It is absolutely gorgeous. 



Emily Walden

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Sociology and Psychology 

Hometown: Cumming, GA

My favorite place on campus: "The Glasshouse. I go there to hang out with friends and play games from Reinhardt Central multiple times a week." 



Lindsey White

Class Year: Junior

Major: Cultural Diversity and Family Studies

Hometown: Buford, GA

My advice to new students is: "Get involved! Join clubs and go to as many school sponsored events as you can!"


Katelyn Wienbarg

Class Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Waleska, GA

My favorite place on campus: "Any athletic venue. I really enjoy being able to support other student athletes as they compete to represent our university."