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What do you want to get out of your college experience?

Challenging academics? Affordability? Lots of extracurricular activities? At Reinhardt your degree comes with all of this and a whole new level of confidence and enough great memories to last a lifetime.

At Reinhardt, academics are only the beginning. Whether you’re an artist or an athlete, a nature lover or a gamer, you’ll find plenty of ways to explore your dreams and make new friends to share them with.

Since 1883 Reinhardt has provided a high-quality, affordable education that sparks your curiosity, stretches your perspective and challenges your world view.


Reinhardt does not discriminate in any of its policies, programs, or activities on the basis of race, color, age, culture, national origin, socioeconomic status, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, physical (dis)ability or genetic information. Admission to Reinhardt University does not guarantee admission into a specific degree program, such as teacher education. See individual degree programs for admission requirements.