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On-Campus Housing is more than a "dorm" or just a place to live. We are committed to providing an environment of care and community that makes Reinhardt the way college should be.

Hall programs such as I-Bingo, Multicultural Food Night, Super Bowl Party, and Girls Night are among the many activities you can enjoy. When you are just down the hall or across campus from your friends, it's much easier to make those late night pizza runs, to get together for study sessions or to catch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, Walking Dead, or Big Bang Theory.

At Reinhardt, friendships develop quickly, but they are long lasting. Students, faculty and staff are close knit, and living on campus will give you the opportunity to take another step toward independence. Moving away from home helps you learn more about yourself and about others. We embrace diversity and encourage you to discover your own path in life. The time you spend in a residence hall will be a time of personal, emotional and spiritual growth. Whether you are creating your hall's decorations and costumes in the annual community Trick or Treat or deciding which Waffle House to visit for a much needed study break, each day will offer you new and exciting opportunities.

Please Note: Reinhardt University requires all first-year students (freshmen) to live on campus. Students receiving 50% or more of their tuition expenses directly from Reinhardt Institutional Aid are required to reside on campus. Exemptions are offered to students who fall into one of these catagories provided they complete the off-campus verification form and provide supporting documentation:

a. 24 years of age
b. live with their parents/guardian
c. live with their spouse and/or children

Reference: Academic Catalog