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World Languages and Cultures

Do you have a gift for learning languages?

Are you interested in using and speaking those languages with native speakers?

If so, The Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures (B. A.) may be just what you are seeking.

Spanish, French, and broad study of other cultures

You’ll get an in-depth study of the Spanish language and its speakers, a working knowledge of French, some grounding in the broader study of culture, and significant experience in interacting with native speakers. This breadth of coverage makes our program unique among the language programs offered at private colleges in North Georgia and elsewhere.

Dynamic Program Coordinator

Program coordinator Viviana Baxter is a native speaker of Spanish. She is vibrant in the classroom, personable with individual students, and sensitive to student needs. She regularly enjoys leading groups of students to Spain for intensive summer programs. We invite you to join her.

Prepared for the work world or further study

World Languages and Cultures graduates will be prepared for further language study in graduate school or for any profession requiring the practical ability to speak second and third languages. In a multilingual world and nation, the opportunities for people with such talents are rich and various.