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Reinhardt Advantage MBA alumna Amy Ostrom '09 works in accounting with The Home Depot.

Amy Ostrom MBA '09

"The Natural Choice was Reinhardt."

After deciding she was ready to take on more responsibility and pursue a master's degree, Reinhardt graduate Amy Ostrom '07 returned to her alma mater.  "The natural choice for me was Reinhardt!" she said.

Reinhardt's value: a high quality, challenging and affordable learning experience

"I was attracted to Reinhardt’s MBA program because of the value it offered- a high quality, challenging, and affordable learning experience. Because the class only met one night a week, I was able to work full-time (and even get a promotion to senior accountant) while earning my MBA. In 2009, I graduated as a member of the inaugural MBA cohort at Reinhardt. The program enhanced my business acumen and gave me a more strategic perspective and understanding of the operations of a company.

Career Advancement in a Large Corporation

Reinhardt Advantage MBA alumna Amy Ostrom '09 has earned her CPA license and been promoted at The Home Depot since finishing her MBA.Since graduating with my Master's degree I have obtained my CPA licensure and stepped up to the role of Supervisor, managing a team of five staff accountants in various areas of the business including debt, bonus, distribution network, and other operations. I know my success at The Home Depot is a direct result of the foundation and support I received from my professors at Reinhardt- the confidence, professional etiquette, and knowledge they instilled in me will afford me many continued opportunities where my hard work and dedication will lead me to success."

Professors with Real-World Knowledge and Passion

Ostrom's journey with Reinhardt began in 2003 when she came to Reinhardt in lieu of her senior year of high school. "While sitting in Dr. John Yelvington’s microeconomics class that first semester I realized that the personalized education experience, real-world knowledge, and passion that was displayed by my professors at Reinhardt could not be matched by other universities." After three exciting years of being challenged by my professors to achieve more than even I thought was possible, I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting in 2007."

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