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Degree Requirements

Summer Session (July) – Credit Hours: 9

NOTE: For first-time entering MFA students, the first summer residency will participate in a two-day residency experience that occurs at the beginning of the summer term. The first two days of the residency will consist of an orientation period and introductory workshops. This usually occurs during the end or the first week in July. New and returning students will participate in a 10-day residency. Due to this extra contact time, new MFA students will earn 9 credits. Second-year MFA students will have a summer residency of 10 days and earn 7 credits. Graduating MFA students will have a summer residency of 10 days and give a reading of their creative work, conduct a craft seminar, and produce a program reflection. Graduating MFA students earn 8 credits during the final residency. These credit hours will vary based on the student's entry point into the program, as well as the completion of other courses. Below is a typical 2-year schedule; however, this will vary depending upon the student's entry point. For a complete list, please request a curriulum schedule for a particular entry point.

Two-Day On-Campus Residency and Writing Workshops for New Students

o   One-Day Program: ENG 500 Orientation and Program Planning (1 credit hour)

o   One-Day Program: ENG 510 Practice Writing Workshop (1 credit hour)

o   Ten-Day On-Campus Residency and Writing Workshops for New Students

o   ENG 501 Experiential Learning (1 credit):  Readings, Seminars, One-to-One Consultations

o   ENG 520 Writer’s Workshop: Poetry, Prose, or Script: (3 credit hours)

o   ENG 505 Reading Place (3 credit hours)

Fall Semester (August – Dec) – Credit Hours: 9

o   ENG 560 Creative Writing I, Individual Study with Writing Guide – 3 credit hours

o   ENG 515 Reading Story, 8-Week Online Course (August - October)  – 3 credit hours

o   ENG 525 Reading Image, 8-Week Online Course (October – December) – 3 credit hours

Spring Semester (Jan – May) - Credit Hours: 9

o   ENG 570 Creative Writing II (3 credit hours): Individual Study with Writing Guide

o   ENG 535 Reading Voice (3 credit hours): 8-Week Online Course (Jan - March)

o   ENG 545 Reading Dialogue (3 credit hours): 8-Week Online Course (March – May)

Summer Session (July) – Credit Hours: 7

o   Ten-Day On-Campus Residency for Returning Students

o   ENG 530 Writer’s Workshop: Poetry, Prose, or Script (3 credits):

o   ENG 555 Reading Criticism (3 credit hours)

o   ENG 502 Experiential Learning (1 credit): Readings, Seminars, One-to-One Consultations

Fall Semester (Aug – Dec) – Credit Hours: 9

o   ENG 580 Creative Writing III (3 credit hours): Individual Study

o   ENG 600 Thesis Part I (6 credit hours): The Critical Essay on Craft, Individual Study

Spring Semester (Jan – May) – Credit Hours: 9

o   ENG 650 Thesis Part II (9 credit hours): The Book-Length Creative Writing Project, Individual Study

Summer Session (July) – Credit Hours: 8

o   Ten-Day Residency begins 2nd Week of July

o   ENG 599 Capstone Craft Intensive (3 credit hours)

o   ENG 540 Writer’s Workshop: Poetry, Prose, or Script (3 credits)

o   ENG 503 Experiential Learning, Readings, Seminars, Consultations (1 credit)

o   ENG 610 Graduation Reading, Craft Seminar and Program Reflection (1 credit)

o   Program Assessment Completed with Writing Guide

For information about program specifics,
please contact:

William Walsh
Program Director

For admissions information, please contact:
Office of Professional Studies and Graduate Admissions