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Student Login Information

Each Reinhardt student will be given an email, Eagleweb, and network account. Below are instructions on how to log into each of them. Note that you should first log into your email account so that you can retrieve your Eagleweb password. If you need assistance, please call the Helpdesk at 770-720-5555 as we would be happy to help.


Reinhardt University Student email accounts are on Microsoft's  All student email addresses end with "".  This is your official Reinhardt email account and must be used for communications with Reinhardt University offices when requesting student account information. 

To login to your student email account, go to  in your browser. Your email login information is:

Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY) 

Go to




Username: StudentID
Password:  an unique password

If you are a new student and you do not know your password for Eagleweb, you can go to and have your password emailed to your Reinhardt email account. To do this, put your Student ID number in the Username field and then click on "I forgot my password."

Then login to your Reinhardt email at,  See instructions above.

Once you have logged in to Eaglweb successfully, you can change your password by clicking 'Personal Info' and then 'Password'. 


Your network login provides you access to your network drive and wireless. For more instructions on how to connect to wireless, go to Internet Connectivity. As for your network drive, it is your "Home" directory on the network servers. This "Home" directory is a place on the network available only to you for storage of your data and documents.  You may create separate folders for each course use it as you wish within the University's acceptable use policies.

You can connect to your network drive from any lab or classroom computer on campus by clicking the Novell icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen that says, "Click Here to Access Network Storage."

novell icon

Username: LastnameStudentID
Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY)

To ensure that you are logged onto the network select the MyComputer icon. One of the network drive icons should be named after your username followed by the pathname 'Reinhardt\vol1\Home\Students'.

Having Trouble Logging into your home directory?

If you are having trouble logging into the system, your PC may be trying to authenticate you on the wrong network server.

On the main login screen select the "Advanced" button on the bottom left corner next to the cancel button. This will expand the box to include the additional information.

For Main Campus Students, use the following:

Make sure the "Tree" is set to "EAGLE_NET
Make sure the "Context" is set to "Students.Waleska.Eaglenet"
Make sure the "Server" is set to Reinhardt

For North Fulton Students, use the following:

Make sure the "Tree" is set to "EAGLE_NET
Make sure the "Context" is set to "Students.Roswell.Eaglenet"
Make sure the "Server" is set to NFulton2