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Reinhardt College Education Club Hosted Anti-Bullying Workshop

anti-bullying workshop
Character In Action, a student organization from Etowah High School, including Andrew Orr (from left to right), JT Simanski, Avery Sharpe, Emily Randall, and (on the floor) Wes Price demonstrated to Reinhardt students common types of bullying and how classmates can stop bullying from happening.

The R.O.S.E. (Reinhardt Organization of Student Educators) at Reinhardt College hosted an Anti-Bullying Workshop presented by students from Etowah High School on November 13, 2008. 

Character In Action, a student organization from Etowah High School, came to the College’s Alumni Connections Workshop sponsored by the Price School of Education in March of 2008, and Reinhardt student group invited them back to campus to do a presentation for education students.  

Betty V. Miller, assistant professor of education at Reinhardt, helped to bring the workshop to the Reinhardt campus.  “"We thought it was important to share this group's work with our education majors because bullying is a chronic problem in the halls, the lunchrooms, and the playgrounds of schools today,” she said. “We wanted to raise awareness of this problem and teach our education majors how to prevent bullying from happening."

Jeff Bennett, a counselor with Etowah High School, said the workshop has been set up to give younger students a safe and informational view of a bullying situation and how “one” person can make a difference.  Bennett wrote the skit and the actors were selected through an application and interview process.


Characters in Action from Sequoyah High School presented workshop Discussion about bullying followed the presentation.
The Anti-Bullying Workshop was presented by Etowah High School students (front, from left to right) Alex Griffith, Emily Randall, Wes Price (in head lock), Andrew Orr; (rear, from left to right) Counselor Jeff Bennett, JT Simanski, Avery Sharpe, Kaitlyn Sebring, Sydney Rubin, and Brandon Schultze. Reinhardt education majors and Etowah students discussed the presentation and shared ideas about awareness and prevention of bullying in schools today. 

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