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A report confirms that today's parents are in ever more frequent contact with their children at college.   
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Survey Provides Further Evidence of High Parental Involvement With College Students

From the issue dated April 14, 2006

Parents of college students today, often referred to as "helicopter parents" for their hovering habits, are in frequent contact with their children, according to a survey report released in March by the College Parents of America.

Of the 839 parents surveyed, 74 percent communicated with their student two or three times a week and one in three did so at least once a day.

Ninety percent of parents said they used cellphones to keep in touch with their children, and 58 percent frequently used e-mail to correspond with them.

Visits to campuses are also common, with 75 percent saying they dropped in at least once or twice a semester. Seventeen percent visited their children once a month or more.
Section: Students
Volume 52, Issue 32, Page A39