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Top Ten Things A New Student/Parent Might Ask About Residence Life

When will I receive information about housing?
Housing applications will be sent out beginning in April.  Students must have made their $150 deposit with the Reinhardt University Admissions Office to receive housing information.

When will I receive my housing assignment?
All students who submit their housing application/contract prior to June 30th will receive their assignment the week of July 7th.  Applications received after that will be assigned and sent every two weeks.

What if I don’t like my roommate?
If you and your roommates are having problems you should first contact your RA and they will work with you to come up with a solution.

What happens if I lock myself out of my room?
If you lock yourself out of your room you can contact any RA in the building and they will be able to get you back in.  If you are  unable to find an RA you can also contact Public Safety at  x5911

Can freshmen live in the apartments?
The apartments are reserved for returning students and upperclassmen.  However if there are still spaces when all of those students have been housed we will give those open spots to freshmen on the basis of when their housing contract was turned in.

What is the $200 housing deposit for?
The housing deposit is a refundable deposit that the college will use to replace broken items in the room/apartment or pay for excessive cleaning.  Once your room/apartment has been checked over by a staff member they will determine if you would be charged and then the difference will be refunded to you.  The deposit  will last the entire time that you live on-campus and will rollover from year to year.

Can I move-in early?
Because of summer camps and fall athletes Residence Life will not be able to accommodate any students arriving prior to their scheduled move-in day of August 18th for new students and August 19th for returning students.

Are the halls secure?

All halls and apartments are locked 24 hours a day with access only being allowed to the students living in that building through their room key.  Public Safety is also on patrol 24 hours a day and available to assist.

What are the basics rules?
All of our rules are based on safety and respect.  We do not have a curfew, but each building has visitation hours and quiet hours to respect.  We are a dry campus and there is no alcohol allowed regardless of age.

What size are the beds?

The mattresses in Cobb Hall, Smith Johnston Hall, and Paul Jones Hall are an extra long twin (36”x80”).  Roberts Hall and Gordy Hall have a standard size twin mattress.  The apartments have a full-size mattress.