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Frequently Asked Questions about Programs for Adult Learners Offered by Reinhardt University

bullet How many hours are required for a Bachelor's Degree from Reinhardt?
120 semester credit hours.
bullet How long is a degree completion program?
A degree completion program is typically 4 semesters, or 16 months, in length.
bullet How many courses do I take each semester to be a full-time student?
You will take two 6 credit hour courses each semester for a total of 12 credit hours to be a full-time student.
bullet How do I qualify for a degree completion program?
You need to have at least two years working experience in a related field, have earned at least 60 semester hours toward your degree and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
bullet If I have 60 hours, and the program is 48 hours in length, where do I get the other 12 credit hours ?
An official transcript evaluation will determine the types of courses you will need to complete the degree.  Your program advisor will direct you on how to obtain the coursework for graduation.
bullet Can I substitute courses from other colleges for courses in the Bachelor Degree Programs?
No, the program is lock-step, and all program students take all program courses.
bullet OK, I'm interested.  Now what do I need to do?  
Submit a completed application and/or contact Ray Schumacher, Admissions Counselor, at 770-720-5922 or