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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership (OML)

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A Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership (OML) offers students effective business management skills and training as the key resources for success in achieving a leadership position within any organization.

OML provides 48 credit hours focused on the best practices in business, communications, management, applied research, strategic marketing, ethics and corporate accounting and finance. Each unit combines classroom learning with applied business projects.

What You Can Do With This Degree                             

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership develops the skills needed to be effective leaders in management-related positions.

This degree program also provides the appropriate background for students planning to attend graduate programs in leadership, business, public administration and other social science disciplines. 

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership


Required Hours

General Education 36
   English 6
   Speech Communications 3
   Mathematics-College Algebra or Above 3
   Science 3
   Social Science 6
   Humanities 6
   Computer Applications 3
   General Education Core Electives from any of the above 6
   Free Electives 36
Organizational Leadership - Required Courses 48
   OML 300 Applied Research Methods for the Social Sciences 6

   OML 310 Foundations of Leadership


   OML 320 Managing Communication and Cultural Change in               Organizations

   OML 330 Human Resource Management and Leadership 6
   OML 400 Non-Profit Organization Management and Leadership 6
   OML 410 Leadership Issues in Public and Community Relations 6
   OML 430 Ethics, Values, and the Law 6
   OML440 Special Topics in Business Management and Leadership 6
Total Semester Hours Required in Degree 120

If you're interested in joining the next cohort, please contact Ray Schumacher, Enrollment Counselor, to discuss your admission at 770-720-5922 or