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All students welcome to join Screaming Eagles Marching Band

By Erika Neldner

Have fun, perform, be part of a thriving team and earn scholarship money. These are all opportunities with Reinhardt University’s Screaming Eagles Marching Band.

“The Screaming Eagle Marching Band is a wonderful group of talented individuals who come together to work toward common goals,” said Steven Watson, who directs the Reinhardt Marching Band. “We have a very strong sense of family within the group. Our members learn to work together to solve problems, help design certain elements of our shows, and they have the opportunity to earn leadership positions within the group.”

Music majors at Reinhardt are required to participate in marching band during their freshman and sophomore years, and non-music majors can join and earn a $1,500 scholarship.

“If, say, a history education major joined, he/she would get a $1,500 participation scholarship to be a part of the marching band,” said Dr. Daniel Kirk, director of instrumental activities. “It allows students who played an instrument in high school, but who want a career in a different field to continue playing their instrument.”

The Screaming Eagles is a non-competitive band that entertains crowds at Reinhardt’s football games. The band moves in early at the start of fall semester, participates in a one-week band camp and rehearses one night a week.

“They get to be a part of a cohesive team, a spirited band family that gets front row seats to the best football, and they get to play their horn in a relaxed, laid-back collegiate marching band,” Kirk said.

Aside from the fun aspect of the Screaming Eagles, involvement helps members strengthen their skills that can lead to being a successful employee.

“Marching band can aid in the development of any areas in a member. First and foremost is teamwork. Everyone must be willing to collaborate in order for the band to be successful,” Watson said. “If we are to be our best, each member must understand the importance of their role and their responsibility to be prepared for rehearsals.”

Kirk agrees, saying the team atmosphere and development of skills such as time management help the marching band students become employable professionals.

“Future employers are looking for well-rounded people. Performance and participation in another facet of the university community speaks to the well-roundedness of the students that we are preparing,” he said.

For more information about the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, contact Watson at or Kirk at

The Screaming Eagles Marching Band is open to all students. Non-music majors are eligible for a $1,500 participation scholarship. Photo by Jeff Reed.

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