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Dr. Donald Wilson featured in #RUFacultyFriday

Dr. Donald Wilson’s approach is more about the connection than the subject matter. The associate professor of marketing and business administration wants to make sure his students know he cares about their success.

“I am guided by one very simple and true concept: Students do not care to know how much you know about the subject matter until they know how much you care about them,” he said.

Wilson joined then-Reinhardt College in 2003, and has served in different capacities in the McCamish School of Business. For nine years, he was the interim dean of the McCamish School of Business, and he was the co-designer of Reinhardt’s public safety leadership track in the Reinhardt Advantage degree completion program in Organization Management & Leadership. He also currently serves as a faculty member of the Master of Business Administration program and is an instructional design team member.

He enjoys all of the general business administration classes he teaches, but his favorite class involves showing seniors how to incorporate their knowledge into being successful upon graduation.

“If I had to select one course, it would be BUS 460 Strategic Management. This course is considered the Capstone course for students majoring in Business Administration.  The audience is mostly seniors in either their last semester or next to last semester,” Wilson said. “This is my opportunity to share with the student information about how business can create competitive advantage and win in the marketplace.  I can also translate this information into a meaningful dialogue as to how they can use this information and knowledge in developing a winning strategy for their own personal career success once they have graduated from Reinhardt University.”

Wilson sees himself as a “tour guide” in a student’s journey in higher education. He shows them the ropes and gives them the knowledge they need to move on in their studies and careers.

“My role is that of a ‘tour guide’ … (as students) complete their requirements for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing and/or management. And if they stay on the RU ‘bus’ for the appropriate amount of time needed to complete their degree requirements, they will have great memories of their RU educational journey,” he said.

Wilson has more than 40 years of teaching experience, nearly 15 years at Reinhardt. He has learned in his experience that things can be put simply when appropriate, much like he describes the Reinhardt Experience with three “C’s.”

“I want the prospective student and their parents/sponsors to know three essential ‘C’ factors regarding RU experience: Caring, Challenging, and Christian,” he said.

Students are borne into a caring higher education experience; their professors will challenge them to be the best they can be with rigorous curriculum; and they have the opportunity to grow in their faith.

Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for your years of service to Reinhardt and for putting students first.


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