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Date of Event: 09/23/2018 at 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM
Cost: Adults: $35-$40, Seniors: $30-$35, Children: $10-$15
Flint Hall at the Falany Performing Arts Center

Tribute to the King: Gospel & Hits
Featuring Travis Ledoyt

Travis LeDoyt has been called “World’s Best Young Elvis,” and there are five good reasons why. He looks like Elvis. He sings like Elvis. He moves like Elvis. His personality and mannerisms both on and off stage are strikingly similar to Elvis. And, he sells out nearly every show. To those people who think they have seen it all when it comes to Elvis tribute acts, this is the one that makes them do a double take. There is simply no way to describe Travis and his performance except unbelievable.

Travis flawlessly captures the essence of Elvis in his prime, and restricts his shows to the hits and ambience of 1954-1964. Utilizing a three-piece band featuring guitar, bass and drums (augmented with backing tracks for songs that require extra orchestration), Travis takes his audience back to the fun and excitement of an early 1960s Elvis concert. For those who missed seeing an Elvis concert during those years, it is a chance to relive the excitement.

Adults: $35-$40, Seniors: $30-$35, Children: $10-$15


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