Faith at Reinhardt

Faith at Reinhardt

“With Faith, Learning and Leading as the guiding arenas for creating a unique Reinhardt Experience, it is essential that we insure opportunities for students to continue developing strong faith relationships. What follows is a clear and concise statement that is a solid foundation from which conversations about Christ and the relationship between The Creator and the creation can grow.”

Reinhardt University Statement of Faith

We believe in the freedom to explore and express faith.

We believe that all individuals have inherent worth as given to them from God.

We believe that Jesus Christ taught us to treat one another with grace, forgiveness, and most importantly love.

We believe in supporting an academic community where people from all faiths feel welcomed and accepted.

We believe, as an affiliate of the United Methodist Church, in the value of a cooperative relationship between the academy and the church, whereby both institutions respect and foster higher learning.

We believe that a life-changing faith is guided by the written Word, illumined by tradition, enlightened by personal experience and confirmed by reason.

We are continually developing an academic community that is just and kind and walks humbly with our God.

Approved 9/18/07

Background on the Statement of Faith

Reinhardt's Statement of Faith resulted from a year-long study of faith and what it means at Reinhardt.  During the year, several lectures addressed faith on our campus, and an extensive written survey of faculty and staff views toward faith and the role it plays at Reinhardt was conducted.  A series of small focus groups were conducted by then President Dr. J. Thomas Isherwood and then College Chaplain the Rev. Leigh S. Martin. Isherwood and Martin distilled what they had heard into a written document, and faculty and staff feedback to the statement was considered.  The resulting statement above was approved by Reinhardt's Board of Trustees on Sept. 18, 2007.

Statement of Faith Helps Explain What to Expect

The statement helps to explain the institution's faith atmosphere. It is not a litmus test or belief statement that Reinhardt employees or students must sign.  Instead, it strives to summarize how Reinhardt, the institution, addresses faith.  Its intent is to help prospective students, faculty and staff have a better idea of what to expect.